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About Us

We comprehensively create reporting solutions. Our team has long experience in building Business Intelligence, data warehouses and data-driven organizations. We work both for domestic companies and global corporations. We can either deploy reporting from scratch or expand your existing solutions.

Our main technology stack is based on Microsoft, including Power BI, SQL Server, Azure Database, Data Factory and more. Our knowledge will help fit solutions to existing scale of your company.

We have a lot of hands-on experience both with on-premise solutions and Azure solutions, including data lake and large data sets.

Depending on what solutions your company already has, we will either create reporting from scratch or expand your existing systems to meet your needs.

We will make labourious proces of data preparation be automated, intuitive and transparent . Thanks to this, your employees will not loose time, which will save you a lot of money and time. Invest in efficient and transparent data analysis, that will bring you long-term benefits.



We’ll guide you through the whole process of building reporting platform

Power BI Implementation

either from scratch
or rebuild of existing solutions

We're data engineers.

We Identify sources, integrate data, build data warehouses and test final results

04. Your reports are slow and you don't know why?

1. You already have Power BI, but it takes ages to refresh them? Let us check & fix it!

2. SQL Server can’t finish tasks in time?

3. Maybe cloud data loads take too long?

4. We’ve sped up a lot of data-related workloads.

Do you need Power Bi developers or data engineers?

– We can add value to your existing team..

mob.: +48 664 913 415

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